For those individuals who want to write and follow the writer’s life, but can’t seem to come up with ideas and/or topics to write about, this book is for you! Story line ideas are everywhere. You may not see them and actually overlook them because they are there right before your eyes. This book will simply help you to learn how to recognize them and explain where to find them.  You will also be introduced to the fundamentals of gathering storyline ideas so that they will be plentiful and available for your use.

Julia Baron's ordinary life takes some extraordinary turns leading her on a wild journey full of secrets and perversions.  She soon finds herself amidst the underbelly of society where subcultures thrive on drugs, promote prostitution and pornography and are capable of many things—even murder! Julia becomes an unwilling player in a game that has no rules and knows no boundaries and her only way to gain back control of her life is to find the—"Pieces of the Puzzle."

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"Jo Ann M. Colton's book, Marketing Matters, is a goldmine of advice for new and aspiring authors."

Diane Lane Chambers, Author of: Words in My Hands and Hearing in the Stream

"The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Basics 101 is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in starting a business or improving an established one. This book has valuable advice whether you are developing a business plan or writing a newsletter, and it will help eliminate the common mistakes of the novice.

 Jo Ann’s past experiences give her an additional edge and insight into the business world.

I was inspired by her motivational messages and words of encouragement, which could jumpstart any business and empower one to make the right decisions. For me, reading the book was also a   wonderful way to reap great advice, while saving the time and expense of taking a college business course.”

Georgeanne Lee, Motivational  Consultant and Author
(Las Vegas)

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For those who feel a bit intimated by the subject, Marketing Matters provides a reassuring introduction into the mechanics of marketing and the muscle of activities involved in the marketing process.  Designed for aspiring writers, beginning writers and recently published new writers who don't consider themselves marketers, the book presents helpful information and suggestions about marketing. From "MAPP-ing" for success, to thinking outside the box, from marketing plans to marketing tools, readers will soon be enlightened as to what they can do to market their books, even on a shoestring budget. 

Featuring an alphabet of motivational messages, this book offers a step-by-step overview of the requirements and responsibilities of owning your own business.  Discover whether business ownership or the traditional career paths are for you. Why keep asking yourself questions, when you could be finding the answers you need? No matter which career path you choose to follow, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Basics 101 can help you be the best you can be!

Written by a writer who understands writers' concerns about entering the writing world, So, You Want To Be A Writer offers assistance to aspiring writers. Created strictly as a helpful overview of the writing process, it is informative and enlightening! The book guides the writer/reader on a step-by-step journey down the writer's path. From answering the "write" question and getting started as a writer, to believing to achieve, developing tools of the trade, making that first impression as a writer and more, Colton shares not only her own experiences as a writer/author, but also her interactions with other emerging writers and published authors.

"So You Want To Be A Writer is basically a 'how-to' book for new writers. It offers step-by-step advice on how to make your writer's dream a reality... Jo Ann does touch people's lives."

Tena Thompson, Author of:Patchwork PathAnthologies and Chicken Soup for the Soul stories

"Jo Ann M. Colton is an established author with a rare talent and understanding of how to make a book fun and exciting, whether nonfiction or fiction. Her Little Red Writer Series will be one that every new writer should read in order to successfully achieve his or her writing goals."

M.D. Griffith, Author of: Alex Thrace and the Lost Medallion

“I couldn’t put down Jo Ann Colton’s fiction/mystery book, Pieces of the Puzzle so I read it in one sitting from cover to cover (249 pages). It has great character development and surprises around every corner. It piqued my emotions of anger, empathy, and frustration with decisions made by some of the [younger] characters.

Pieces of the Puzzle  is a good read for mystery lovers or for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted book. It is a great book for parents and grandparents to read to reinforce the importance of raising children and how devastating poor choices can be for them. There is a dark world out there of which many of us are unaware and we can be innocently drawn into it as many of the people in Jo Ann’s story found out.”

D. Davis, Freelance Writer/Retired Teacher, Evergreen, Colorado