Our Founder

Our Strength

Jo Ann M. Colton of JM Colton Communications & Business Solutions holds a B.S. Degree in Business Management, and professional certifications in both Business Management and Human Resources. A business consultant and marketer, she has garnered over 35 years of experience as a business management, human resources, and marketing professional in the corporate world, private sector, and as a business owner. 

Colton is a diverse marketer/writer whose experience lies in creating written business and corporate material for companies and small businesses, and other writing-for-hire projects. Her human resources training and experience enables her to also write resumes for job applicants in all fields and to provide job seekers with tips for landing their dream job.

A freelance writer-for-hire, she writes feature stories/articles and has been published in newspapers and magazines in California, Colorado, Nevada, and beyond. In addition, she is the author of non-fiction books (The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Basics 101, So, You Want To Be A Writer, How to Develop Story Line Ideas, and Marketing Matters) and the fiction books Pieces of the Puzzle (mystery) and Heavenly Business (fiction with magical realism).

An experienced and active public speaker, class instructor, and seminar facilitator of both business topics and writing-related classes, Jo Ann M. Colton works with authors and emerging writers to help them create their literary voice and reach their targeted reader audience.  

JM Colton Communications & Business Solutions is dedicated to providing sophisticated business services with a focus on written communication and marketing to three distinct targeted market groups: small businesses, job seekers and individuals, and authors and aspiring writers.

Our staff has a hands-on managerial, marketing, and human resources background (with accredited Human Resources Management Professional certification) in the private sector in business industries that include: public utilities, construction, computer peripherals, manufacturing, research and development, real estate, and the legal field, as well as public sector management and human resources experience in County government.